Writer. Artist. *Astronaut.

My name is Joshua Paxton Morgan. I’m your quiet, friendly neighborhood guy who’s always up for deep conversations ranging from anything to everything over a cup of rich coffee. Something (un)interesting about me: I love reading funny stuff and writing stuff even funnier, not just as a side thing, like an experience.

A. Whole. Ass. Experience.

And I’d love for you to be a part of it here at the Blended Bear.

My BFF Bruno

This slightly-fat-but-massively-cute bear is Bruno, the resident guide and mascot here at the Blended Bear. Not exactly sure how to introduce him to you all because he’s been with me through the toughest of my depressive episodes and the happiest of my good days.

Is Bruno the best around here when it comes to music suggestions? LMAOOOO, maybe in his wildest dreams. He WISHES he was as good as me in guessing people’s music preferences and striking up musical conversations.

Nonetheless, he’s a specialist coffee connoisseur. He can answer all your questions about the optimal soil texture for coffee bean growth and why different grinding methods bring different coffee tastes. And all of this makes him the best bear to be around.

(Sad confession: this intro of Bruno is my jealous ass ABSOLUTELY LOVING every piece of music he’s ever suggested. Hard for me to admit, but here we are…🥺)

I should’ve Blended this Bear when I had the chance! Just pretend you never saw this 😤

The Blended Bear’s Backstory

To me, this is no simple website: it’s an abode of peace.

Of Zen and of Tranquility.

After a particularly long, exhausting 21st of December 2022, I tried to browse the internet for some lighthearted, fun content that would calm me down and charge my batteries up. Maybe something from a fellow introvert with low social energy? Anything to relate to? There was NOTHING good.

As I tossed and turned around the whole night, I realized that there were so many others just like me. They needed what I needed.

So after trying to sleep in vain for hours, I got up at 3:58 AM, motivated by a line from Stranger Things, stretched my arms, popped my knuckles, and sat down in front of my laptop to create this space of calming solitude: good coffee, pretty vibes, and fun relatable reads.

This is my place for “coffee and contemplation.”

And if you see a Karen disturbing our peace with loud shrieking, let me know, and she’ll not get away with it.

Welcome to the Blended Bear.

*Honorary Title